The Eye of the Archer

I had some money and time so I left California for South America. I bought a guitar in Ecuador and one morning when we’d been riding all night in a bus, it was dawn and we were coming up on the Altiplano in Peru, miles high, vicuña in the distance, bus full of Quechuan folks, went up to the front of the bus and played Johnny B. Goode. I don’t know maybe I thought it was Woodstock in Peru, but man those people dug it, so me and Oro started playing a lot for people who had never heard a note of rock and roll and it was very cool. One time me and Oro were walking down from Machu Picchu, you used to be able to hang out there and do pretty much whatever you wanted including camping and it was night with lots of spirits about and I had this thought. Hey, if this fell apart as fast as it did for the Inca, who is to say that it won’t happen to us? That’s where I got the idea for the Eye of the Archer. I couldn’t get past it and this book stayed with me through about 50 drafts, jobs, marriage, kid, and well here it is.

Cover for my new novel


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