Free Days on Kindle Select

Part of the deal of signing up with the KDP program where you give Amazon an exclusive on your ebook version for a couple of months is that you get five free days where people can download it for free.   The problem is that there are so many authors giving their books away that you have to promote it or be left in the proverbial position of “I can’t give this sh** away.” 

Here’s a good bit of advice I found on World Literary Cafe on how to promote your book on Free Kindle Day. 

BTW – I’m having a free day on Sunday, March 18 if you want to read Archer for free and save $2.99, you cheap bastards.

Maximizing Free Days On Kindle Select (KDP Select)

Before Your Free Days

1. Sign up for KDP Select.

2. Schedule your free days. Consider scheduling on a Wed / Thurs or just Thurs to capitalize on the exposure. Big sales days in a week are Fri, Sat, Sun. So don’t give it away free on those days.

3. Send requests to following to get your free book listed. Do this a few days ahead of time to give the site owners time to post your book.

4. Add a Goodreads event and send it to all of your Goodreads friends.

On Your Free Days

1. Post on Facebook pages on your free day(s):

2. Add “Kindle Freebie” and “Kindle Free” tags to your book on Amazon page.

3. Post about your free book on your other social networking sites (Linked In, Stumble Upon, Triberr, Google+, etc.)

4. Tweet like crazy.

5. Get authors in your cross promotion group to tweet like crazy (and thank them for it).

6. Send email newsletter.

7. Post about it on your blog.

8. Get your mouse-clicking refresh-button-hitting finger ready to watch the downloads roll in!

After Your Free Days

1. Don’t lower your price. You just did a lot of hard work to generate sales by offering it free. Keep your book at regular price and enjoy the higher royalties on the new wave of sales.

2. Keep up the momentum for a few days. If your free days ended before the weekend, keep up strong promotion efforts (through social networking) through the weekend.


Self-published author, Karen Baney, enjoys sharing information to help authors learn about the Business of Writing. She holds a Masters of Business Administration from Arizona State University and has worked in various business related career fields for the past 20 years. She writes Christian Historical Fiction and Contemporary Romance novels. For more information about Karen’s books, visit her Amazon Page. Visit Karen on


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