Marketing on the Web

I was busted this morning when I fired up the email and read

Hi Jeff,

Unsolicited PMs are against Forum Decorum. If you continue this, or if we get complaints from other members, you might get a posting timeout.  This was in the ToS you agreed to when you registered.

Bottom line:
    – Do not send unsolicited private messages (PMs) or emails to any members to promote your books or other wares.


Global Mod

I guess I’ve about three pages of pitches that I’ve tried on one site or another, trolling (yes, I confess) for readers.   It’s interesting the different tones of voice you have to use depending on if you’re going for a brazen “hey -read my book, or please ma’am won’t you read my book” – to other sites that have their own agendas and try to police the poor writer who is only trying find a reader or two (curse you Kindleboards.   Doesn’t Amazon get a piece of whatever I sell and don’t you sell Kindles so I can be read.   Where’s my cut of that?”.


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