Still stirring it up at Litopia

I still seem to be challenging traditionalists at Litopia who continue to turn their noses up at self-publishing.   No matter how many times I say well yes we’d all love to have the great agent and publisher behind us, they can’t seem to comprehend that self-publishing and putting yourself out in the marketplace, building a following, proving that you can market yourself can be a way to the promise land of being professionally joined to industry expertise. 

Here was my latest attempt at making my point :

Perhaps I should rephrase my argument to read–wouldn’t an agent and publisher rather represent someone who has proven themselves in the marketplace and as a self-promoter, than the “precious” author/artist who cannot bring herself to do the long hours of marketing required to sell your product to those who do not read “literary magazines, major genre specialists etc.”

I think in this new world of publishing–for it surely is a new world–unless you are truly special and your gifts apparent for all to see–you’d better be prepared to hustle your buns off if you want to be read.


One thought on “Still stirring it up at Litopia

  1. Keep fighting the good fight, and don’t lose heart, a lot of great artists go unrecognized in their times’, it’s the nature of the beast.

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