Heard from an Agent

A literary agent contacted me today and wanted to know if I had anything that hadn’t been published yet.   I do and I told her about them — the sequel to Archer And We Shall Perish – coming out in June or July.   Then there are a couple of more novels I’ve got pretty much ready to go.

I don’t think these agents know if they’re coming or going now.   I think they want to rep something that nobody has seen so they can get their commission and move one to the next project.   That’s what I’d do if I were them.




2 thoughts on “Heard from an Agent

  1. Hi Jeffery,

    Thanks for finding me on Goodreads. It’s nice to meet another author.

    First, congrats on hearing from an agent. It sounds like they came without you soliciting them. Is that right?

    Second, I think you are right. I think the rise of indie publishing has put agents in an awkward position. While I feel for them, I’m also glad it’s them in the position now and not us (indie writers). 🙂

    Amy Joy

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