Query Letter to Agent – Email or Letter

I posted the following discussion thread on Litopia last night about best way to contact and agent if you’re shopping a book to a mainstream publisher.

Does anybody think it makes a difference which form the query goes out in?  I think it might because the email route is so easy you can easily send out a couple of hundred in a day.

On the other hand if you’ve narrowed the object of your desire to a few agents you may as well invest a few dollars in postage.   I have to believe that a letter gets a bit more attention.  Or maybe not, since it’s the same harried, overloaded readers having to sort through these carefully crafted missives.

And what are they looking for anyway?   One must assume that the majority are carefully and thoughtfully done.  I wish I’d save the article that described how there are classes in crafting the perfect query and that agents used to be able to tell something by them but have gotten tired of being fooled by magnificent query letters only to find the material sent to be of lesser quality.




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