Quasi – Publishing Company – The New Face of Vanity Publishing?

On one of the blogs I read, a writer was excited about having his book published – as well he should.  He listed the site of his “publisher” http://www.mediaaria-cdm.co.uk/Submissions.html.  I looked at the site and it was “By writers for writers.”  They had embedded Youtube videos for  Game of Thrones (Running Up That Hill) and Harry Potter movie trailers.   Either they are the publisher for George Martin and  J.K Rowling (now that would be some writers for writers I wouldn’t mind be published by) or they have a very nice come on for writers who want to say they are published by someone other than their parents or selves.   I commented back and asked if he’d received an advance and the response was, “no, but they were going to start working with him on editing his book soon.”

I’m not putting this down.  I’m just curious what the exact arrangement is.  Maybe, they do all the work of a publisher – layout, isbn number, etc.   I wonder if it is still print on demand and what they get is a percentage of the sales for doing editing, layout, production etc.  I suppose if you did enough of them you could make a few bucks over time and one of the books might actually hit.   Wouldn’t be the worse gamble.



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