Deal With Critics

Every writer/artist has to deal with critics.   Especially when you are indie (self) published and you must put your stuff out there on multiple blogs, forums, and book sites just to develop some name recognition.   It’s like being in a huge writer’s group filled with faceless people.  By and large people are complimentary and offer constructive criticism, but others can be really annoying like the one I received today who said “50% of writing is editing.”  

Well, right off I’d say that would be a hard figure to come up with.   I like to write, get everything out and then go back and edit.   I think a lot of writers make a big mistake by thinking that every line has to be perfect before you can go to the next.   It’s like you have to create the block of marble before you can chip away and polish it up.

 When I read things that people put up on these forums (e.g. I see a lot of stuff that is in process.   It’s kind of like last night when I was jamming with a band at a party.   People were digging it and it sounded all right, but I knew if we were to actually sit down and work out some part, then record it, had some overdubs and instrumentation, then mix it, it would sound …well professional.

I understand when people put up stuff that is not “professional.”  I read a lot of writers who are years away from being a good writer if they keep writing.

But that doesn’t mean I’m going to criticize them.  

That’s why I’m always positive with my reviews.   I figure that whatever they are doing is in process, and someday it will be done.  Maybe with professional help or not.

I don’t know if it does the writer any good to read my positive feedback, but I know that I wouldn’t want them to get discouraged and stop writing because the only way they are going to get really good is to keep writing.



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