New Agent Hunt

I’ve had three agents over the years and generally found them to be harmless bunch except for the one who told me to rewrite a novel I’d written in the third person in the first person which I did and the result was he was gone by that time and I had revised the book and it was a lot different than the original (better – as any book would be if you tore it apart and put it back together again).

I know I’ve made a big deal about not needing an agent, but I would rephrase that to say don’t waste too much time on an agent.   If you can get one and a publishing contract do it.   If you can’t–publish yourself and move on to the next book.

I read a blog today where a writer was told his book was dead in the eyes of agents because he’d self-published it, unless he’d sold several thousand.   Well, it’s probably true.   But what’s the alternative–put it in your desk, hope one of your books get picked up and then use that as a platform to publish your old works?

I’ll go with my program, thank you.   Write, try and get an agent/publishing deal, give it six months, if nothing is happening publish it yourself, and write a new book.

I’ll share my new query letter tomorrow.


One thought on “New Agent Hunt

  1. Sounds like a good plan. I had to go through the process twice before I realized I should try the Indie ebook thing. I hope I make a couple thousand sales. That’s the trick, isn’t it?

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