Query Letter for My New Novel WHO KNOWS YOU

Some agents get more than 500 query letters a week (maybe more).   In the end most agents only take on one or two new clients a year.   I have no idea how agents sort through such a flood of material and find something that that they want to represent.   As I related in a previous post an agent contacted me and asked for the first three chapters of my political thriller WHO KNOWS YOU.   I sent the chapters off right away and haven’t heard anything back.   While I’m waiting I want to see if I can attract some other interest.   So, here I go again—the following is the email I’m going to start sending out to agents. 

Hi Agent:

As a former staff member of a Congressional Committee responsible for national security, I understand the arguments that the U.S. government needs more power to track and spy on its citizens.   And as a lawyer, politician, and citizen, I know that once taken from us, our civil liberties will not easily be regained.  Out of this dilemma comes my novel WHO KNOWS YOU, about a U.S. Senate race, the intelligence and law enforcement community, and domestic terrorism.  

 Based on my firsthand experience with national and statewide election campaigns, I tell how a private interest group’s efforts to defeat a U.S. Senator prompts an attack on Washington, D.C., a liquefied natural gas facility, and a nuclear power plant.

The novel conveys what it’s like to be young and talented in Washington, D.C. and find yourself in the middle of war—war waged against you and the city you live in by a demented terrorist bent on mass destruction; war against fair elections by people who will use any means to defeat your boss, and war between those who would defend our civil liberties and those who would take them in the name of national security.  The ambitious Senate staffer in the midst of this struggle must decide whether to cross a line that could cost her career, her freedom, even her life.  Because in the world we now live, it’s not who you know that matters, it’s who knows you.

 More than a political thriller, the book evokes the fog war and explores the forces that tear apart the civil fabric and the personal lives of those defending our nation against terrorism. 

 Please find attached the first three chapters of WHO KNOWS YOU.  

 Jeffrey Marcus Oshins




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