The New Face of Publishing

In reading reports of the London Book Fair there was much discussion of e-books and self-publishing. One of my favorite smack-downs was calling traditional publishing “legacy”publishing. Also there were the usual reports of e-book millionaires and sales of hundreds of thousands on Kindle. I’m a bit suspicious of some of this hype about fortunes made on Kindle. There are so many books being published that you really have to be patient and let your audience build.

But I do enjoy the angst of the legacy publishing industry. Sure it’s schadenfreude because they really are such arrogant sob’s, the agents, editors, and publishing houses that think they are the true gatekeepers and defenders against the horde of writers who if not checked by them would flood the market with their ill-conceived works.

This is not to say that legacy publishing does not have valuable skills and knowledge. But one of their qualities does not appear to be adaptability. Too much of the old guard seems to be in denial. I responded to a recent blog where a legacy agent was warning of the whooping loses of self-publishers.

I responded that self or “indie” publishing is the rumbling you hear in the distance of the flood waters that are washing the old order away. Amazon, I wager, is making significant bank on self-publishers who collectively have to exceed in numbers legacy publishers and account for a significant source of revenue.

Do you think then that Amazon, the new market master, will not be devoting great effort and capital to the growth of indie publishing?

And as to the cost of entry – why it’s practically nothing. One of the alleged e-book millionaires spoke of crowd-sourcing his cover design and getting his proof-reading done by “beta” readers.


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