When To Publish A Sequel

When I wrote 12: A Novel About the End of the Mayan Calendar, I already had a sequel planned. After I wrote the sequel And We Shall Perish, I realized that some of the minor characters in the original 12 had not been fully developed and were acting only as props for the main character, Du Moss. I went back and rewrote 12 which resulted in the Eye of the Archer.

The reason I changed the title was that the idea of the end of the Mayan calendar had been replaced by another trigger date when the Sun rested in the eye of Sagittarius or the Archer. I never really mentioned the Maya.  The novel  was built around the Manoa myth, and the legendary King Dorado.  I didn’t want to tie it into Guatemala or Southern Mexico because the story took place in an allegorical Latin American country with the La’ku, an imagined civilization.

Another impetus to rewrite 12 came from a screenplay and I wrote based on 12.  When you write a screenplay it forces you to connect the dots so that the main character is on the stage and the actions takes place in a logical, accelerated manner.

By the time I was done with Archer, I’d cut out over a 100 pages and had still improved the development of  the minor characters: Kare, MG’s and Moss.

I had an ethical problem in releasing a book by a different title that was a rewrite of a novel already on the market. I withdrew 12 as much as I could, made it clear on the first page that parts of Archer had already been published in 12.

The upshot is that the sequel And We Shall Perish has been sitting in the wings for nearly two years. I’ve given Archer a good three months on it’s own, and now feel it is time to unleash Perish

I still have to design the cover and do the layout, but hope to release Perish within the next month.


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