Has anybody ever written something and then thought well, I almost got it, think I’ll try one more time.   That was what it was like with my first novel 12: A Novel About the End of the Mayan Calendar.   I put it out and got a bunch of good reviews and had friends who liked it.   But I kept thinking-I really didn’t do right by those supporting characters.   They were just props.

So what do I do?   I rewrote the sucker, cut out about a hundred pages and reissued it as The Eye of the Archer.   Now how can you spend four months on a rewrite and not have it turn out better?

I still think it is, but you would not know it by the reviews I’ve gotten – just two bad ones but that was enough to make me think, man you should have just left it alone.

One of the results of the bad reviews was to make me go ahead and pull the trigger on the sequel – And We Shall Perish which I’ve had sitting there for over two years because I wanted to get the first one right.


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