I’m just putting the finishing touches on the sequel to The Eye of the Archer.  The second book in the Archer series is titled And We Shall Perish.   The title comes from the Codex Chimal that reads:

The Sixth World, the Final World

Sign of Ixchel (Water)

It is the World of Water,

Because if flows.

According to what has been left to us.

Said by the old,

When the Sun rests in the eye of K’iché (Sagittarius)

Rain will fall without end,

And we shall perish.

Perish starts two years after the end of Archer.   The Sun is nearing the eye of Sagittarius when the celestial and temporal planes are the closest.   The spirits of Water and Fire are arrayed in the allegorical Central American country of New Granada.   The battle between the spirits of Water and Fire will determine the elemental nature of the Sixth and Final World of Earth.   While these powerful spirits prepare for battle, two of the smallest, and weakest  in New Granadian society intervene and steal the tunjo from the dictator Rosas.  The tunjo is a necklace that holds a likeness of the Water god Tatya-Masi.  In the eyes of the pendant are  two of the four Jewels of Life, remnants of the comet that first brought life to Earth.    Whomever controls the four Jewels of Life controls  the portal between the celestial and temporal planes and will decide whether the next World will be a Water or Fire World.

Twelve-year-old twins, Koya and Anta’s courage and indomitable will are the catalyst that drives the story.   When Koya is caught, Anta escapes with the tunjo.   Bedeviled by the power of the Jewels of Life in the tunjo and hunted by the Fire spirits, Anta must find a way to survive to rescue her brother and save the Age of Man.

And We Shall Perish will be published in June, 2012.


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