All Hail YouTube

YouTube has got to be the most awesome learning tool ever created for visual and audio learners.   I’ve posted the fifth on a 22 part series by Alan Quandt  – Building a Web Site Start to Finish ( ).   Not only do you learn how to build a website using Dreamweaver, but he also shows how to use Photoshop to create the images you need.

I started out building a fairly complex (read “busy”) website for my new endeavor Book Usher.   Today, I started over again and made it simple. and straightforward or so I hope.   I’ve learned all kinds of neat tricks from Alan.

The first five episode have mostly been about Photoshop.   Now, he’s just moved on to Dreamweaver.

I have to give YouTube credit for something else – well not too much credit but that’s my fault not theirs.   I speak of my golf swing.   Last year, I went out by myself after years of hacking about.  Armed with my Iphone, I dialed up a very nice simple series of lessons.   I would watch a lesson, drop a golf ball or two and try to do what I’d just watched.   Eventually, I got to the point where I was doing pretty much what I’d seen on the video.

Is there anything that you can’t learn or better yourself using YouTube?

What a wonderful tool for self-improvement and education.


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