The Business of Being A Writer

The Sunday NY Times had a piece on the front page today, “In E-Book Era, Rule for Writers is Type Faster.”  Ha-ha such a cute title “even John Grisham.”   OMG not John Grisham and Lee Childs…

And this is at the top of the food chain.   What about the us poor drudges who also have to think about making a living, who don’t have editors and agents at our beck and call and publicity departments ready to get our name mentioned in a front page NY Times article?

I want whoever Lisa Scottoline has that gets her named, quoted and pictured in the Sunday NY
Times, complaining that she has to “start at 9 A.M and work to Colbert.”

Then there are the writer factories – Mr (James) Patterson produced 12 books last year.   WTF…he must be one hell of a speed freak or have a stable of ghost writers working away.   Maybe he outsources to India?

Lord, give me a name and loyal bunch of fans and I promise I’ll crank out that stuff so fast the skin on my old digits will be worn to the bone.

Oh boy, don’t you want to be a writer?


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