An Army of Youth Free to Create

I have a great feeling about the legions of unemployed recent college grads and young adults around the globe.

There is much lament in the news about their high college debt and dim prospects.  But I see a brighter outcome for this massive body.  (There are many nations where over half the population is under the age of 25 .)

I wait with great anticipation for the art and social development that  is going to burst from a generation freed from the obligation of going from school directly into a job where they must learn to wait and become like those who have gone before them.

With unemployment rates in Spain, Greece, the Middle East, the African American population and recent college graduates of America hitting nearly a third.  If you include those  not doing anything remotely for what they went  so overwhelmingly in debt–the percentage must be 85%.

Think of the millions of creative minds that through no fault of their own have been freed.

The glass-half-full take is that this generation is going to be  one of the most creative in history and will remake the world social order like no generation has since the American revolution.


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