Release of My New Novel “And We Shall Perish”

I just released the sequel to 12: A Novel About the End of the Mayan Calendar.  The new novel is called by the very uplifting title of And We Shall Perish.

(check out the book trailer)

Perish starts off from the point of view (or as we say in the profession POV) of two children living at the edge of the city dump in a Latin America city (see it just keeps getting more delightful).   The first scene is the main characters’ little sister choking on a parasite (better and better).   But hey it is supposed to describe how the weakest and most vulnerable are the ones who have to save modern civilization from a great flood.

As in 12 – rain commences to fall all over the world, and believe me it doesn’t take long for things to start to flood and flood and flood.   Think about it – if it just rains a couple of days how messed up things get, but non-stop rain everywhere?  People in the novel are understandably freaking the f out.

Those of you who read 12 (all 10 of you) will recall that the main character is a reluctant deity, an amphibious teen named Du Moss who is supposed to be the god of a new world of water.   But Du, or as he’s known by his Indian name, Tatya-Masi, wants to save the Age of Man if he can.  But by not doing what he came to do (drown the planet) he pleases neither the Lordess of Water nor Lord of Fire who doesn’t believe that Du is trying to save the Age of Fire, and think it would just be a lot safer to kill him off.

Du doesn’t appear until the middle of AWSP and by that time he and his friends only have a few days to get back to Latin America and figure out how to stop the rain.

All and all, a simple archetypical journey of the hero, an update of ancient mythology that asks the always pertinent question – what makes us think ancient gods can’t return and raise hell in the modern age?


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