The Future of the GOP

The California GOP is trying to reinvent itself. Whatever they come up with will be the future of the GOP – if there is to be a future. And there will be unless a third party based on non-affiliation surpasses both Democrats and Republicans. We may well see this type of independent party gain power if the rest of the country follows California and limits legislative gerrymandering and single party primaries.  In the meanwhile, Republicans as they are now aligned are facing a looming expiration date when their old coalitions and tactics will not be enough to elect the type of candidates they put forward. The demise of this iteration of the GOP will be driven from the right as the small percentage of voters who vote in Republican primaries demand an orthodoxy in their candidates that will continue to repulse key future constituencies. The collapse of the GOP à la California may not happen this election cycle when the GOP will probably gain control of the Senate and hold onto the House. But watch out for 2016 when the demographic tide will be too large to resist. Keep your eye on Texas which always lags behind California in social movement. When Texas begins to go blue you will know the end is near for this GOP generation.


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