A Website in Your Name

Should you get a website in your name?

I’ve got multiple artistic careers going — an EP that’s getting some attention and my fourth novel coming out in February. My dilemma is how much do I want to promote myself— a battle between innate modesty and the cold truth of entertainment — if you want the spotlight you’d better grab it because there’s a lot of competition for those readers and listeners.

Giving into graven dreams that somebody might actually come looking for me, I bought my name (.com) and put up a website jeffreymarcusoshins.com.

I have also been promoting myself on the Amazon-owned Goodreads. Part of that effort involves the mostly fruitless effort of contacting all your friends and letting them know that you’ve a novel coming out.

Now, the good thing about Goodreads is that it really is mostly populated with readers. But lurking in reeds of Goodreads (forgive me) are hungry authors.

One thing I noticed in going through my 800+ friends was that you could tell who was an author and a reader by their picture. Readers had pictures with their cats, significant others smiling in a neighborly way. Authors had formal expressions and professionally shot photographs as if to say “I’m serious.”

There is something about promoting yourself even if you have flacks doing it for you that requires a dressed-up version of yourself and the confidence to say, “Seriously, I’ve worked hard on this shit and I’m worth a few minutes to take a listen. Or in the case of a book — well that’s going to require some more of your time.”

I believe I have a new understanding of what success in art would be — that you reach a point where people come looking for you and you can just smile back at them in a neighborly way.

3 thoughts on “A Website in Your Name

  1. Love it! Beautifully designed website, with lots of room for creativity.

    Also, I’m not working this weekend, which is either a scary thought or a good opportunity. Let’s get together and do some Cuba brainstorming. Also, I need to write you a check.

    Entéra http://www.entera-theartist.com

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