Donald Trump — the Greatest Democrat Ever



Persistent rumors that Donald Trump is a black hat Democrat who made a deal with Hillary and Bill Clinton to clear the field for her election must now be confirmed.

It is time to emphatically declare that Donald Trump is the greatest Democrat ever and is accomplishing what no Democrat before him has ever come close to doing — systematically destroying the Republican party.

On issue after issue beginning with his claims that Obama was disqualified from being President because he was not born in the United States to immigration and abortion, Trump has extended positions held by various parts of the Republican party in a manner that has forced Republicans to either support or renounce their own dogma.

Trump repeatedly uses legal logic to expose the hypocrisy and lack of workable solutions of the Republican party. If abortion is illegal and criminalized then anyone assisting the abortion including the mother would be a party to the crime. If it’s a crime to be here illegally then you should be deported. If trade deals harm some workers then they are bad contracts and should be broken.

Forcing Republicans to address the logical outcomes of their proposals is like the Biblical story of Lot’s wife who looked back at Sodom and was turned to a pillar of salt. Right wing rhetoric doesn’t work well when nuanced. When compromise is heresy you either have to support a position or your arguments turn to salt and your party is blown away as will happen to the Republican party up and down the ticket in November.

As a lifelong Democrat who hungers to see issues addressed and solutions reached through a mature, political dialogue, I say thank you Donald Trump. And if the Republican party is to reemerge from its destruction I hope the party will be one based on optimism and political arguments that can withstand a Democratic plant taking their ideas to their logical conclusions.

Thanks, Donald.

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