Melissa - 2 crop 2On February 1, 2007 Jeffrey Marcus Oshins‘ life started again when early in the morning on the way to a consulting job at the Port of Stockton, he was clipped by a fully loaded 28-ton truck on the I-5 that sent him into an uncontrollable glide across four lanes of rush hour traffic. When he came to a stop and looked out his driver-side window and saw the grill of the truck a fraction of an inch from his head, whatever illusions he had about having time to do what he wanted with his life disappeared. He set about to intensively realize his ambitions. In the ensuing seven years he’s started or helped to start numerous businesses including a publishing company, a record label, and an internet startup.

The publishing company DeepSix Publishers, has published four of his books including the critically successful apocalyptic novel 12: A Novel About the End of the Mayan Calendar. He has composed and recorded music and produced videos under the name of Apokaful. The word apokaful is defined in 12 as “thoughts about the end of the world.”

As a self-published author, he saw the growth of crowdsourcing publishing support services and founded BetaReader.us, a literary services forum. The BetaReader Journal publishes articles of interest to authors and literary service providers. The BetaReader Bulletin Board connects authors and publishing service providers.

He maintains an active business life including involvement with the Dulles Tech and Trade Center, a Washington, D.C. based one-stop provider of emergency response and development equipment and resources to rapidly respond to man-made and natural catastrophes.


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  1. Jeffrey Marcus Oshins is the author of four published novels and is a recording artist who records under the name Apokaful. He lives in mountains above Santa Barbara California.

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