The Subconscious of the People — thoughts a day after the election


If you believe in a collective social conscious — a subliminal wisdom of the American people — blessed to live in a society where anyone can do or say  what they want to insane limits — then you can understand the election of Donald Trump as President.

His ascension is like some inner voice telling you not to get on the plane that crashes — your higher intelligence telling you something that all your conscious thoughts and rational thought says no — you have to get on that plane because the world is depending on you to lead the fight to save the human race from global warming and if you don’t get on that plane…

His election was a straight shot from the subconscious of the nation.

And what did this strange massive concoction of dreams and archetypes say?

“We don’t want to listen to that voice for four years or see that face and wonder when the next Wikileaks is going to drop. We’ll take the clown and his whole posse.

Now the Republicans own it — no more divided government just a flimsy wall of filibuster.

Give the Republicans credit. They brilliantly devised a plan to drop the GDP by 2 points by abandoning fiscal policy and refusing to fund an infrastructure bill that would have benefited the very people who elected Donald Trump; the ones deprived through three congresses of Republican intransigence jobs, affordable higher education, and health insurance. The Republicans systematically impoverished and sickened the people who now turn to them to save them.

The Benghazi/email scandal circus is closed having served its function of distracting the victims from the true source of their pain.

What is the first thing Trump offers? An infrastructure plan — the very proposal Obama was forced to abandon in the early days of his administration to save the auto industry.

The Republicans now own health care, restructuring college debt and affordable higher education. They own the rebuilding of schools, bridges, ports. They own Iran, trade, climate change. They own being tough as a negotiating position in domestic and foreign affairs.

Now let’s see what they can do with it. The collective consciousness of the nation is still stirring in a disturbed sleep.

Let’s see if the plane really crashes.

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Extracurricular Reading List

I had this list of school contacts for doing grant work (NIMS grants).   Someone had suggested that Archer would be good for extracurricular reading lists in high school.   I’d had a teacher say that some of her students would love 12: A Novel About the End of the Mayan Calendar.   So, I figured why not use my grant list and sent out the following email?  

Hi **** – Could you direct me to the right person in the district who could tell me about adding a book to extracurricular reading lists.   

I’ve been told that my new novel, the Eye of the Archer, would be good material to be placed on middle and high school extracurricular reading lists.   While there is some violence, there is no profanity or sex in the novel.   Archer is based on Mesoamercian mythology much in the way the Percy Jackson novels are based on Greek mythology.

– Jeffrey Marcus Oshins

I gotten back some good responses and discovered that some states like Florida and California have formal processes for compiling recommended reading lists while other districts leave it up to the teachers and librarian.

No surprise there are some who if you win an award automatically include your book.  No awards for Archer yet.

Next, I have to find out how to submit for awards.